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Everything started when the owner of Chaqueton, Spanish businessman now living in the United States, fell in love with Jose Ignacio and these beaches in the area called "La Boyita" (small bouy) passing La Barra, 2.5 miles before José Ignacio, in Uruguay.


After spending several summers enjoying these places, he decided to build a house on the beach, for his own use and for rent.


He chose this stretch of coastline because it is an elegant area where style and culture crosses.


Homes built here reveal the various expressions of a cosmopolitan community that has been able to identify the quality of a territory that is partly still virgin, combining the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean and the tranquil beauty of the countryside.


The house had to be different but fully harmonizing with the environment.


For architecture and design of Chaqueton he turned to his childhood friend in his native Asturias, the architect Patricia Urquiola.


As is typical in the resorts of Uruguay, the houses has a name. The choice of the name is usually something intimate, personal in this case and collecting aspects that identifies it with the personal or family history. This case is no exception: it will be called  "Chaquetón" , couldn't be called different. It's about the links with their beloved Oviedo, in Asturias.

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